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IPv6 deployment support site

IPv6 deployment is inevitable for many organizations. If you have not started IPv6 implementation yet, this page is a good starting point to gain useful and up to date information.

APNIC's IPv4 free address pool reached at the final /8 in April 2011. See more details from here
Also see APNIC pool of "Available IPv4 addresses at APNIC".

APNIC IPv6 Program activities
APNIC R&D activities ( - measuring IPv6
White paper (Cisco) re "How Can Service Providers Face IPv4 Address Exhaustion?"
White paper (Cisco) re "What Enterprises Should Do About IPv6 In 2011"
APNIC Update on IPv6 Address Distribution in the Asia Pacific Service Region

World IPv6 Lauch 6th June 2012

World IPv6 Day 8th June 2011

IPv6 Operational Information

IPv6 penetration statistics

Quick start

Obtaining IPv6 address from APNIC

Information on IPv6 ready products

IPv6 transit service providers

IPv6 enabled IXP

IPv6 tool box and test beds

IPv4 address exhaustion statistics

IPv6 penetration survey

RIRs resources

IPv6 readiness of APNIC Services

Other IPv6 portals

Blogs and fun stuff

IPv6 technical documents

IPv6 security

IETF watch

NANOG watch

IPv6 News

IPv6 training/consulting services providers

IPv6 conferences


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