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How-To Guides

IPv6 Operational Information
Current IPv6 BCP: Address assignment, BGP, filtering, DNS, Security etc.
Wireless Networking in the Developing World
Wireless Networking in the Developing World is a free book about designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks.
Emulate 7200 Series Router
Want to set up a lab environment that includes a 7200 series Cisco router, but don't have that sort of kit sitting around spare? With this how to guide you can simulate the 7200 series on a normal, PCI bus based, PC or server. Ars Technica shows how
Building a Linux IPv6 DNS Server
A tutorial on building a DNS server node that provides IPv6 name resolution, with examples of some useful IPv6 applications.
Everything you need to know about IPv6
When the ARPANET was designed in the late 1960s, it was outfitted with a Network Control Protocol (NCP) that made it possible for the very different types of hosts connected to the network to talk with each other. However, it soon became clear that N
Current Status of IPv6 Support for Networking Applications
This site contains information about the IPv6 support of many networking applications.
A Fundamental Look at DNSSEC, Deployment, and DNS Security Extensions
In looking at the general topic of trust and the Internet, one of the more critical parts of the Internet's infrastructure that appears to be a central anchor point of trust is that of the Domain Name Service, or DNS. The mapping of "named" ser
The Tao of IETF: A Novice`s Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force
This document describes the inner workings of IETF meetings and Working Groups, discusses organizations related to the IETF, and introduces the standards process. It is not a formal IETF process document but instead an informational overview.
Business guide to implementing VoIP
What exactly is Voice over IP? There are many definitions floating around, but the most basic one is that VoIP is a collection of technologies which allow you to hold voice communication over a TCP/IP-based network.
IPv6 in the Home
Basically it's a demonstration of a practical IPv6 migration strategy. There is a sandbox that allows users to obtain their own /64 IPv6 subnet of real routable addresses (Goodbye NAT -- YEAH!)
Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up IPv6 in a Test Lab
If you are planning to implement IPv6 and you are a Windows user, Microsoft has a guide for setting up a IPv6 test lab.
VoIP: Newbie's Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.7
Want a rock-solid PBX at a rock-bottom price: free! Asterisk@Home 2.7 has hit the street with some new goodies and a new release of Asterisk. So here we go again.
Enhancing Enterprise Security
3Com overview of Network Security Issues and Technologies.
Internetwork Design
This publication provides internetworking design and implementation information and helps you identify and implement practical internetworking strategies that are both flexible and scalable, from CISCO.
CIDR Overview
CIDR is a new addressing scheme for the Internet which allows for more efficient allocation of IP addresses than the old Class A, B, and C address scheme.
This step-by-step guide was created to answer all subnetting questions originating from the MCP / MCSE course "Implementing and Supporting TCP/IP". It explains all subjects on TCP/IP, what is an octet, subnetting, ANDing and other methods of calculat
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